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Digital Doc Acceptance, Custom Reminders, and Training/Compliance Tracking

What are Digital Document Acceptance and Custom Reminders?

About Digital Document Acceptance, Custom Reminders, and training / compliance tracking

MyHR is aware that rolling out new or updated documents can be time-consuming, and it can be hard to keep track of all the things employees need to do, read, and comply with.

Digital Document Acceptance allows people to accept documents without the need for paperwork or printed versions. You can track MyHR-supplied and uploaded documents that require acceptance, and remind employees to accept if they have not. The feature records an individual’s acceptance, including a timestamp.

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Custom reminders enable you to quickly create detailed employee reminders and track their completion. It simplifies policy compliance and training participation, speeding up the process of issuing new or updated policies and ensuring compliance with current protocols, processes, and regulations.

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