Using the 'Ask Us' bubble

How the 'Ask Us' bubble functions for new questions and existing work

    How the the 'Ask Us' bubble works

    The 'Ask Us' bubble appears in the right-hand corner of the screen and is available on every page within MyHR.

    Ask Us is the easiest way to connect to MyHR for expert HR support. You can raise a new question or link a question to any active work request, ensuring an accurate response from the right MyHR team member.

    The light blue circle and corresponding number represent the number of open work requests or questions you currently have with the team.

    bubble w number

    All responses from MyHR through the 'Ask Us' bubble will generate an email to notify you, as will all requests for updates on existing work.

    How to ask a new question

    If you have a question that you have not previously asked in the ‘Ask Us’ feature:

    1. Click '+ Ask new question'.
    2. Type your query in the textbox.
    3. Click 'Submit' - the question will be directed to any of the MyHR team members who will return an answer to you in the next 4 working hours.

    How to request updates to previous questions and discussions

    1. Click the ‘Ask Us’ bubble - this will show existing requests you have open.
    2. Click on the desired request - you will see its current status and be able to navigate to the correct tab, corresponding employee, or document by clicking on it.

      Screenshot 2021-02-10 124210

    3. Ask a question regarding a specific work request by filling in the message field.
    4. Click 'Submit' - the MyHR team member assigned to that work request will respond in the next 4 working hours.

    Watch the training video

    This short video shows you how to use the 'Ask Us' bubble in MyHR.