Adding a person in MyHR

How to add a person in MyHR, request the employment agreement, and how managers and employees e-sign the agreement

How to add a new person (and request the employment agreement)

  1. Log in to MyHR - you will land at the Launchpad.

    Screenshot 2021-02-10 133151
  2. Click 'Add Person'.

  3. Manually enter the employee's personal and employment details and click 'Submit'. This will then be pulled through to MyHR for the team to build their employment agreement.

Watch the training video for a detailed overview of how to add a new person and complete their employment details:

How employers sign the employment agreement

  1. When the employee's employment agreement is ready to sign, the employer or manager will receive an email from MyHR and there will also be a reminder on the Launchpad.
  2. Click the arrow to review and sign the employment agreement.

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  3. You can choose to review and sign the document online (recommended) or print it for signing manually - you will have to upload it again once it is signed.
  4. Once the employer/manager signs the agreement, the new employee will receive email confirmation from MyHR about their acceptance to the role and their MyHR self-service account. 

Watch the training video for an overview of the manager signing process:

How employees sign the employment agreement

  1. Your employee will receive their confirmation email welcoming them to your organisation. It also explains that you use MyHR and asks them to accept the invitation to commence their self-service journey with MyHR.
  2. Employees must then:
    1. Create a password.
    2. Log in to their self-service MyHR account. 
    3. Provide additional personal information (emergency contact, financial details etc.). 
    4. Type or sign their signature.
    5. Save details.
  3. Employees will automatically move through to their employment agreement, which they are encouraged to review (the document can be printed). Should the employee have any question about their employment agreement or how to sign, they need to speak to their manager regarding this. If the manager is unsure how to proceed following this or would like advice, they should contact the team at MyHR. 
  4. Once they are happy with the contents, they click 'Sign here' - their saved signature will be pulled through to the employment agreement.
  5. To finalise, the employee clicks 'Click to finalise' and they will have formally accepted their offer of employment.
  6. The manager receives an email letting them know the employee has accepted the offer and is ready to begin work.
  7. The employee will be provided important induction documents (e.g. tax code declaration, KiwiSaver deduction forms) for them to download, fill in, and upload before starting work.
    Please note: employers can add new forms or remove existing forms so employees receive the forms most relevant to their position. 

Watch the training video for an overview of the employee signing process:

What to do if an employee manually signs their agreement. 

Please go to the employee's profile and turn off self-service function as below
employee's profile>Manage>Edit Details>Self Service Disabled>Save.

Once you have done this, go to Documents>Employment Agreements>Upload to UPLOAD SIGNED LAST PAGE HERE Section.

This will mark the agreement as complete, please ensure you go back and turn Self Service on again. 
Employee's profile>Manage>Edit Details>Self Service Enabled>Save.