PayHero + MyHR integration

How the PayHero integration with MyHR works


About PayHero

We are very excited to announce our new integration with PayHero.

Aligning with our ‘make it easy’ vision, our latest partnership with PayHero focuses on reducing the level of administration associated with onboarding employees, managing leave requests, and processing leave in payroll.

With this integration, our leave management tool is transformed into a leave application and approval hub, allowing employees with MyHR self service to view their current and correct PayHero leave balances, apply and have leave approved, and then have the relevant leave data sent through to PayHero to allow for a seamless pay run to be processed.


What the integration does

The integration between MyHR and PayHero has been designed with 2 goals in mind:

  1. To cut down on duplicate data entry when new employees join your business and when employees apply for leave in MyHR.
  2. To provide employees and managers with the information and tools they need to request and approve leave without needing to log in to the payroll system.


How the integration works

For new employees

New employee records are automatically created in PayHero when:

  1. A new employee signs their first employment agreement using the e-signature function in MyHR
  2. A signed copy of the employment agreement is manually uploaded to MyHR

All of the employee's information provided when you added them to MyHR plus anything they have entered before signing, such as their IRD number, bank account details and tax code will then be used to populate as many details as possible in PayHero.

This establishes the link between MyHR and PayHero for the employee’s record.

If you are not comfortable with an automatic link being established, the integration also allows you to choose to manually ‘send’ new employee details from MyHR to PayHero at any time.

For existing employees

For existing employees, the integration process will require the link between both MyHR and PayHero to be established manually.

MyHR can assist you with the integration process.

Leave sync

Once your employees are linked, MyHR will then keep your payroll up to date for you by sending approved leave, as well as cancellations, directly to PayHero with no action required by you.

MyHR will also show your employees their current leave balances when they log in to MyHR to request leave, plus we'll show their balances to you when you receive a request for leave so you can decide whether to approve it or not, all without leaving MyHR.