All about onboarding employees using MyHR + how to video

With the digital onboarding feature, MyHR customers can automate onboarding and induction tasks, reducing time and hassle and giving new employees a great experience from the start.

What is digital onboarding?

An onboarding or induction plan is usually created by managers and involves a set of tasks to guide new hires or people changing jobs through the first phase of a new role. MyHR’s onboarding feature extends our paperless onboarding from e-signing employment agreements or contracts through to automating the creation, assignment, and completion of induction tasks. This eliminates the need for a paper-based version and the time-consuming job of notifying and following up to ensure tasks are done on time.

At the business-level, creating a digital onboarding template is as simple as using our best-practice template, available in your template library, or creating your own set of tasks, including easily linking documents such as your company handbook or policies. You have the ability to define a time-period for each set of tasks, eg. pre-start tasks, first day, or first week, as well as who the tasks should be owned by. You can create templates to cover different departments, locations, or roles.

You can easily move from your template to an onboarding plan for a specific employee, which you can further customise for that person, and designate who will own tasks.

MyHR will automatically notify new hires that their onboarding plan is available after they get access to MyHR self-service to sign their employment paperwork. This allows you to assign them pre-start tasks to provide important information or send through documents such as licenses or registrations. You can also assign tasks to other people in your business to get your new hire set up for a successful first day on the job such as ordering IT equipment or a uniform.

Business owners or department managers are then able to keep track of employee onboarding with our onboarding reports, which give you a business-wide view of where your new hires are at in their onboarding process, and identify where teams might need extra support.

Who can create an onboarding template or plan?

Owner users, and manager users with the onboarding permission, within your MyHR account can create onboarding templates for the business.

Owner users can create onboarding plans for everyone, and manager users with the onboarding permission can create onboarding plans for the people in their departments.

Owner users can access onboarding reports, and manager users with the onboarding permission can access onboarding reports which will only include their people.

The onboarding permission for managers given alongside department access will only allow access to basic employee information for people in the relevant departments, the onboarding plan, reminders and onboarding reporting. Information and functionality can be extended with other permissions.

Example of view for manager with onboarding access

How do I use onboarding?

As an owner or manager with the onboarding permission, begin with an onboarding template in ‘My Business’. We’ve set you up with MyHR’s best-practice template which you can modify by adding your own tasks and documents before assigning to any new employees. Or you can start your own template.

Once you’ve created your desired onboarding template, you can start an onboarding plan for your new employee.

Once your draft plan has been created, assign people to the roles on your plan and if you need to, you can customise the plan further with tasks or documents just for that person.

When you have assigned the roles to people in your business and finalised the documents and tasks, you can publish the plan. This will automatically trigger a welcome email to your employee, which will be sent when they activate their MyHR account as part of signing their employment agreement or contract.

Tasks that are assigned to other people will generate reminders for the task owners, which will be visible through reminders in My Business for owners and managers, or a reminder in the employee’s self-service reminders.

Business-level insights

You can keep a high-level view of your onboarding people using two new reports:

  • The summary report gives you a view of progress and task ownership across your business
  • The task report gives you the ability to hone in on specific tasks, such as supplying assets, to see who has completed them

Watch the training video

This short video provides an overview of Onboarding with MyHR.