Release note: 2 February 2024

We've given you the power to resend invites to new hires and close your own questions, as well a fixing a Xero Payroll issue

Resend invites

If your new hire hasn't accepted their invite within the expiry window, you can now resend the MyHR invite to that person through the MyHR platform. Once you've logged in, head to the person's overview and you'll see their invite status and if they haven't already accepted it, you should be able to resend the invite email.

Close your own question

If you're the type that likes to keep your request list tidy, or just need to remove something that you've since resolve, you can now close questions that you've submitted. In the chat thread on MyHR, you'll be able to close your question. It won't remove it altogether if you need to refer to it later, you'll be able to find it in the closed list.

Signature status report improvement

Despite what it said in the description for the signature status report, we were inadvertently including inactive people, making it difficult to find the right information. We've fixed up the signature status report so it only shows the people that it should.

Reminders hanging around too long

We had a small issue with performance review reminders hanging around for reviews that had since been deleted. We've fixed that up and if you delete a review, the reminders will go along with them.

Re-sending leave when re-connecting Xero Payroll integrations

Our Xero Payroll integration has been a little too zealous when we re-link people to Xero Payroll and was sending over leave that already exists. We've put in place a fix that looks for existing leave in Xero Payroll and if it's already there, we don't resend it when linking MyHR and Xero employees.