Release note: 20 October 2023

This week we updated our casual employment agreements, worked on getting ready to launch performance reviews to existing customers, made it easier to work with templates and draft reviews, and find the current state of reviews.

Casual employment agreement updates in NZ

MyHR makes HR easy for our clients by taking on the responsibility of staying up-to-date with employment legislation and case law developments.

Our HR leadership team worked with Bell Gully, one of NZ's leading law firms, to review the base documents we use for casual individual employment agreements, and after careful consideration have implemented a number of changes.

These changes further strengthen the documents that we provide our clients, reducing the risk of employment niggles and headaches down the line.

This proactive support is unique to MyHR - no other HR platform provides the proactive, engaged, and robust documentation and compliance that we do.

Ready for performance review launch

We've updated the settings menu to highlight the new performance review feature and added a little help info about our plans for the original performance review feature.

If you'd like to check that out, go to your account menu (select your name in the top left), select 'Manage account' and then go to 'Account settings'. You'll be able to control whether you have access to the original feature and new feature (or both!) from there.

In preparation for the performance reviews list moving to My Business, we've also removed the performance review filter and end date information from the 'My People' list. This will be easily available from its new home in My Business > Reviews.

Re-ordering sections in templates and drafts

Ended up wanting to add a section at the top of your template or draft review? No worries! You can now re-order sections to get your objectives or KPIs in the spot that you want them. Drag and drop sections or move items between sections easily.

From review insights to detail

Another small change to performance reviews means that if you're looking at the current status graph on your performance reviews overview in My Business, you can now select any status you're interested in drilling into and the list of your people below will automatically be filtered by that status. You can remove the filter by selecting 'Status'.