Release note: 27 October 2023

Performance review usability improvements, changes to support migrating to the new feature from the old, saving your chat messages, and you can now upload larger files

Performance review usability improvements

Based on feedback from our pilot users, we have made improvements to the readability of the text by toning down the colors used in reviews in cycle and appraisal. Additionally, we have changed the completion button to a checkbox style to match our onboarding feature. To improve the user experience, we have added a hover state and removed any friction when marking incomplete.

Supporting migration to the new feature

Now, if you've got the new feature enabled, both managers and employees will be able to move between the original and new features.

Find out how to migrate to the new feature.

Saving your chat messages

If you've got a chat on the go and you need to walk way, don't fear. We now save those drafts so you can come back to them. You can even log out, go have a coffee, switch computers and log in again and it'll be there, right where you left off. Don't worry, only you'll be able to see that draft.

We'll clear these out after 7 days.

Upload limits now 30mb

It's the little things that make a difference, right? Or in this case, bigger things. We've clocked that the file sizes are growing and this is particularly challenging when you're uploading a lot of material for our team to help you come onboard. We have increased this limit to a 30mb file size so you can now upload without any hassle.