Struggling to login into your MyHR account?

Follow the advice below to quickly resolve any issues you or your employees may be having when logging into MyHR.

When you are invited to sign in to MyHR, you will be emailed a link that is valid for 5 days. This link works once, and from clicking on it you will be able to set up your password and successfully log in.

This invite email will be sent to the invitee's inbox, they do not need to sign up for a free trial account within MyHR - this will not help them view their profile and employment agreement.

If an employee has already accepted the invitation from MyHR to log in: 

The invite email contains a one-time link. For an employee to log in again, they will need to go to and use the password that they set up. If they cannot remember their password, there is the forgotten password option for them to reset their password in their profile, under 'Edit Profile'.

Resetting a password will trigger another email from MyHR which will enable the person to re-attempt to log in again with their new password. 

This should successfully log them into MyHR. If this doesn't work, you as the manager can call or send a question through the chat function for one of the MyHR team members to look into the issue.

As a note, employees will not be able to apply for leave, etc, until they have signed their employment agreement.

Do you or your employees have questions or edits to the employment agreement?

If so, the manager will need to get in touch with MyHR. If it is a complex change, this may be best in writing to ensure that we can correctly make the edits for you. If your employee has asked for edits which you are unsure/unhappy about but are unsure how to respond to them, email and one of the team will be in touch with you.

MyHR is here to help you with your HR problems and questions. For this, you need to get in touch with us/use the software. If your employees call us, there are limited things that we can do so please advise them to speak to you about any questions/or concerns.