Xero Payroll + MyHR integration (AUS)

How the Xero AU Payroll integration with MyHR works

What the integration does

The integration between MyHR and Xero AU Payroll has been designed with 2 goals in mind:

  1. To cut down on duplicate data entry when new employees join your business and when employees apply for leave in MyHR.
  2. To provide employees and managers with the information and tools they need to request and approve leave without needing to log in to your payroll system.

How the integration works

For new employees

New employee records are automatically created in Xero AU Payroll when:

  1. A new employee e-signs their first employment contract in MyHR, or;
  2. A signed copy of their employment contract is manually uploaded to MyHR.

The employee information entered when the person was added MyHR, along with any relevant personal details the employee entered before signing, such as bank account and TFN, will be used to populate as many details as possible in Xero AU Payroll.

This establishes the link between MyHR and Xero AU Payroll for the employee that allows accurate and up-to-date leave balances from Xero to show in MyHR.

If you are not comfortable with an automatic link being established, the integration also allows you to choose to manually send new employee details from MyHR to Xero AU Payroll at any time.

For existing employees

For existing employees, the integration process will require the link between both MyHR and Xero AU Payroll to be established manually.

MyHR can assist you with the integration process.

Requesting and approving leave

Once an employee is linked between MyHR and Xero AU Payroll, you and your employee will be able to see the relevant leave types when requesting leave and their up-to-date leave balances will show directly in MyHR. Any leave you approve in MyHR will automatically be sent to Xero.

Data flow between MyHR and Xero Payroll

Data for your people will be sent across once, either manually when you trigger it or automatically when a person signs their agreement, if you have the setting enabled.

Leave requests and balances are updated regularly between MyHR and Xero Payroll.

MyHR - Xero data flow diagram

Find out how to set up the integration between MyHR and Xero Payroll AU.