Editing employee details

How managers and employers can edit employee details

How to access and edit an employee's details

  1. Log in to MyHR - you will land at the Launchpad.

    Screenshot 2021-02-18 202002
  2. Search for an employee's name in the search bar and access their details by clicking on it.

    Screenshot 2021-02-18 202115
  3. You will open the employee's profile.

    Screenshot 2021-02-18 202227
  4. Scroll down and click 'Edit details'.

    Screenshot 2021-02-18 202348
  5. Enter the desired employees details throughout the form as displayed below.
    Screenshot 2021-03-11 162558
  6. At the bottom of the form click 'Save' and your changes will be saved in MyHR. 

Screenshot 2021-03-11 162742

Note: Managers and employers can enable and disable employee self-service for specific features.
Self-service must be enabled so employees can sign their employment agreement, participate in performance reviews, and manage their leave.

Watch the training video

This short video show you how to access and edit employee details in MyHR. 

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