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How to start a performance review for an employee

You can choose to use a template or start from a previous review and then publish to make the review available to your employee

  1. You can start your performance reviews from either:
    1. The person's review tab:
      Employee with no active review
    2. My Business > Reviews
      Either from a specific template or from the reviews list:
      Performance reviews list and create review button
  2. Select a template (or if you select 'create a new template', you'll go to a simple template which you'll need to update and then select 'Start performance review' once you're done)
  3. Set up the cycle dates for your employee - this is defaulted to a year but you can adjust to your organisation's cycle
  4. Make any further edits and choose whether you want your employee to have editing access.
  5. Publish your review
    Once you're happy with your review, select 'Publish' (down the bottom of the draft review).
    Publish and delete buttons on a review
  6. Once published, we'll send an email to your employee to let them know they have a review available and if they haven't already had access via the editing permission, the review will be shown on their 'Performance' tab when they log in to MyHR's self-service portal.
    Employee view of active review
  7. Watch a quick video guide