Navigating the Launchpad

How to read and navigate the MyHR Launchpad

About the Launchpad

Anything you need to do or access in MyHR can be found on the Launchpad.

You always land at the Launchpad when you log in to MyHR (unless you have clicked on an email link that takes you directly to an action).

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How to navigate the Launchpad

You can access various areas of your account by clicking on the tabs:

My People

'My People' is where all your employee files and records are kept.

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My Business

'My Business' is where company files and records - e.g code of conduct, job descriptions - are kept.

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My Calendar

'My Calendar' is where the dates of important events, employee leave, reminders etc. are captured and displayed.Screenshot 2021-02-18 110857

Shortcut menu

The shortcut menu (on the left of the Launchpad) enables you to quickly perform common actions - add a new person, make file notes, log leave requests and approvals, and start recruiting.
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Under ‘Manage’ customers can commence performance reviews, disciplinary action, restructures and redundancies, or request any additional support from MyHR.

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Reminders are displayed in the middle of the Launchpad.

The 7 most recent reminders will show immediately. Click 'View previous reminders' to see all reminders.

Clicking on the reminder arrow will take you to the action that needs to be performed (so you are not navigating multiple screens).

Reminders that show an 'x' do not require action and can be dismissed by clicking the 'x'. 

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Watch the training video

This short video shows you how to read and navigate the MyHR Launchpad.

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